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Welcome to the C Minor Mastery leader board. The top three point-earners thus far are:


In fairness to all players, the bonus points for the funniest answers to the "You were there" questions will be awarded after the contest closes on January 8th. For your amusement, here are a few of the entries we've received:

Bonus question #1:

It's December 29, 1778. Wolfgang finally works up the nerve to ask Aloysia for her hand in marriage, but she rejects the proposal outright. Devastated, he comes to you, his dear friend, and cries for what seems like hours. Upon regaining his composure he strides over to your clavier and belts out:

"Let the wench who does not want me kiss my ass!"

Since Köchel somehow failed to catalog this heart-warming aria brevis, we turn to you to tell us, pray, how did the rest of the verse go?

Let the wench who does not want me kiss my ass!
It's a cinch no one will want to miss my Mass.
She may be a coloratura,
But I've-a got-ta news for-a her-a
She shan't sing soprano, nor her father sing bass!

Bonus Question #2

It's January 1782. Leopold was so livid upon hearing about Frau Weber's marriage contract that he suggested to Wolfgang that she be put in chains, forced to sweep streets and carry a placard around her neck inscribed with the words "Seducer of Youth."

That's pretty strong stuff, but maybe not strong enough. If you were judge and jury, what punishment would you mete out?

Frau Weber should be tied to her chair and forced to listen to Aloysia sing Bach, Constanze sing Handel, and Wolfgang play Haydn on the clavier....all at the same time. (Talk about counterpoint!...Or at least Charles Ives.)

Bonus Question #3

The kind-hearted Constanze was furious at the icy reception she received from Leopold in Salzburg. At one point she asked for a small memento of the European tours the Mozarts took when Wolfgang was a child prodigy. Leopold disdainfully refused, signaling that he'll never consider her worthy of the name "Mozart."

So, without resorting to profanity (Constanze was very devout), how might she have responded to Leopold as a way of cutting him down to size?

"In all truth, little man, the only one worthy of the name 'Mozart' is Wolfgang himself. I would have a hard time considering you and your meager talent worthy of the name 'Weber'."


As a reminder...

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And remember: Our performance of the C Minor Mass is January 19th. Seating is limited and the tickets are going fast. So order your advance tickets today. Click here or call 914-674-2865.

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The Hudson Valley Singers ~ a choral society founded in 1951 ~ is based in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY ~ All singers & tax-deductible donations are welcome.
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