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Welcome to C Minor Mastery Quiz 1. We put it in a separate browser window to make it easier for you to refer back to any page on the site as you answer the questions. Each correct answer will earn the point value shown.

Then, for extra fun and oodles of potential bonus points, type in the funniest response you can think of to the "You Were There" question at the end. Please remember that all bonus points will be awarded immediately following the deadline for all entries, which is January 8th. See the Official Rules for details.

You'll be asked to enter your name or initials or a nickname. That's not mandatory. We would simply like to give you personal credit if any of your gems of wit make it to the "Funniest Entries To Date" portion of the Leader Board page. After all, a pair of free tickets to our concert is pretty nice, but nothing compares with glory and the envy of others now, does it?

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Have fun and good luck!

Point Value
1. There were four Weber girls. Aloysia was the
2. The Mozarts had a ream of reasons for loathing Prince Archbishop Colloredo. Which one or more of the following were NOT among them?
(Check all that apply)
(one wrong answer
He treated musicians as lowly servants
nixes all 20 points!) He refused to hire Wolfgang despite agreeing to do so
He cared more about being a Prince than being an Archbishop
He deliberately hindered Leopold's ambitions
He made untoward glances toward Leopold's wife and daughter
He couldn't or wouldn't appreciate the greatness of Wolfgang's work
3. Wolfgang blamed his mother's death in Paris on:
(Select one)
French physicians
Her stubborn refusal to accept treatment
4. Leopold blamed his wife's death on:
(Select one)
French physicians
Her stubborn refusal to accept treatment
5. During this time, Leopold believed Wolfgang was:
(check all that apply)
(one wrong answer
As gullible as the day is long
nixes all 20 points!) Not quite as talented than his sister Nannerl
Not ready to manage his own career
Destined for greatness
Right to want to go to Italy with Herr Weber
Key to the Mozart family's financial stability
6. How many arias did Wolfgang write for Aloysia?
7. How many love letters did he write to her?
8. Where did Wolfgang first meet Aloysia Weber?
(Select one)
~ You Were There ~

Bonus Point Potential:

Funniest =100
2nd Funniest =50
3rd Funniest = 25

It's December 29, 1778. Wolfgang finally works up the nerve to ask Aloysia for her hand in marriage, but she rejects the proposal outright. Devastated, he comes to you, his dear friend, and cries for what seems like hours. Upon regaining his composure he strides over to your clavier and belts out:
"Let the wench who does not want me kiss my ass!"

Since Köchel somehow failed to catalog this heart-warming aria brevis, we turn to you to tell us, pray, how did the rest of the verse go?


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