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Have fun and good luck!

Point Value
1. How old was Wolfgang when he married Constanze?
2. What were some of the factors that contributed to the rift between father and son?
(Check all that apply)
(each correct answer
The untimely death of Anna Maria Mozart
is worth 5 points) Wolfgang's abrupt resignation from the Archbishop Colloredo's court
Leopold siding the Archbishop over the resignation
The nasty and untrue rumors spawned by Frau Weber
Wolfgang's obsession with not one but two of the Weber girls
Leopold's hurtful & heavy-handed rebukes
3. How did Wolfgang close most of his letters to his father?
(Select one)
Your faithful servant
Your most obedient son
All my love and respect
Your loving son
4. Which of the following terms best depicts Frau Weber?
(Select one)
All of the Above
5. Which composer's work presented Wolfgang with his greatest musical challenge?
(Select one)

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Joseph Haydn
Johann Sebastian Bach
Antonio Solieri
6. What was Wolfgang's job title in Salzburg?
7. Why did Wolfgang promise to compose a Grand Mass?
(Select one)
To keep the Archbishop from firing his father
To pay homage to his mother
To convince Constanze to marry him
To convince Frau Weber that he was a devout Catholic
~ You Were There ~

Bonus Point Potential:

Funniest =100
2nd Funniest =50
3rd Funniest = 25

It's January 1782. Leopold was so livid upon hearing about Frau Weber's marriage contract that he suggested to Wolfgang that she be put in chains, forced to sweep streets and carry a placard around her neck inscribed with the words "Seducer of Youth."

That's pretty strong stuff, but maybe not strong enough.

If you were judge and jury, what punishment would you mete out?


Optional If we post your punishment on the Leader Board, how would you like the attribution to read?
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