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Welcome to C Minor Mastery Quiz 2. We put it in a separate browser window to make it easier for you to refer back to any page on the site as you answer the questions. Each correct answer will earn the point value shown.

Then, for extra fun and oodles of potential bonus points, type in the funniest response you can think of to the "You Were There" question at the end. Please remember that all bonus points will be awarded immediately following the deadline for all entries, which is January 8th. See the Official Rules for details.

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Point Value
1. When was the C Minor Mass first performed?
2. What motivations drove Wolfgang to compose the C Minor Mass?
(Check only those that are true)
(each correct answer
Fulfilling a prenuptial vow he made to Constanze
is worth 5 points) Making amends with the Archbishop
Showing Leopold that his wife was worthy of acceptance
Earning the commission being offered by Baron Wetzlar
3. Leopold really warmed up to Constanze
(Select one)
4. Who was the godfather of Wolfgang's first child?
(Select one)
Leopold Mozart
Joseph Haydn
Baron Wetzlar
Archbishop Colloredo
5. Who told Leopold that Wolfgang "is the greatest composer whom I know in person or by reputation"?
(Select one)

Baron Wetzlar
Joseph Haydn
The Emperor
Antonio Solieri
6. What highly symbolic step did Leopold take in Vienna in 1785?
7. How did Wolfgang fill in the now missing pieces of the C MinorMass?
(Select one)
With modified passages from his previous work
With plainchant
No one knows for sure
He didn't — the mass was performed as an unfinished piece
~ You Were There ~

Bonus Point Potential:

Funniest =100
2nd Funniest =50
3rd Funniest = 25

The kind-hearted Constanze was furious at the icy reception she received from Leopold in Salzburg. At one point she asked for a small memento of the European tours the Mozarts took when Wolfgang was a child prodigy. Leopold disdainfully refused, signaling that he'll never consider her worthy of the name "Mozart."

So, without resorting to profanity (Constanze was very devout), how might she have responded to Leopold as a way of cutting him down to size?


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