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1. We'll present the actual story behind the Grand Mass in the online equivalent of an overture and three movements. (You can watch the movie again if you want to, but it won't help you much.) A new chapter will unfold on this website every two weeks or so throughout November and December. If you subscribe to our free email newsletter, you'll have the advantage of each chapter delivered right to your inbox. The newsletter is not required to play or to win, but it will help you stay at the top of your game.

BTW: our Privacy Policy is really strict -- there's no way we'll release any information you give us for any reason without your express permission.

2. Along with each new chapter will be a short test of your knowledge and insight into human nature. This means you need to understand not just the events, but the motivations and mind-sets behind them. But fear not…all the answers and insights are on-site.

3. Clicking on The Story Begins... will bring you to the preface of the story. It's also how you get to the Chapter pages. Other juicy tidbits can be found on the Who's Who page, where we offer short personality profiles on the leading characters. The Interactive Timeline visually sequences the key events; clicking on an event jumps you straight to the appropriate location in the narrative text. Pretty nifty, huh? And finally, the Library catalogs the best Mozart books and websites we've found thus far (the ones we used to research the story, in fact).

4. In each of the three game-entry quizzes, there are a number of simple and more difficult questions to answer. 10 points will be awarded for every correct answer to the simple questions; the harder ones are worth 20 points apiece. The point value of each question will be clearly indicated. A perfect score on each quiz will net you 100 points.

5. Your quiz scores and running totals will be sent to you via email.

6. Now here's where it gets interesting: at the end of each quiz will be an open-ended role-play question. Bonus points galore will go to the three funniest answers. The entry deemed the funniest for each of the separate chapter quizzes will get 100 points, second funniest will get 50 points and third funniest will get 25 points.

7. Only entries received by January 8, 2003 will be eligible for participation.

8. All bonus points will be awarded shortly after the January 8th deadline for entries, at which time the winner will be announced. (Awarding bonus points each month gives an unfair advantage to players who get into the game early. This way everyone has a chance to become Pointmeister. Besides, it keeps the suspense going.)

9. You can check the "Leader Board" by visiting The Contestants page. We'll only refer to contestants by the initials or nickname they chose to type into the entry form. We'll also be posting some of the funnier responses we've gotten thus far to fire up your competitive and creative juices.

10. You can play under multiple names if you like (or have nothing better to do), but only one of you will win. So keep that in mind before you humiliate all your other personalities — they do get even, you know.

11. All decisions made by the Judge are final. Unless of course his wife disagrees, at which time he'll appear to change his mind but neglect to change the scoring.

12. In case of a tie score at the end of it all, the leading scorers will arm wrestle for the tickets and the glory at the Starbucks inside the Hartsdale train station (date and time to be determined). On second thought…let's just flip a coin instead.

13. No purchase or tax-deductible donation is necessary to play and, if you're really good, win.

14. The winning entries will be published in the concert program book and on this site. So, in the interest of good taste, we do ask that you refrain from the scatological humor that Wolfgang held so dear.

15. Questions, comments or complaints should be directed by email to the Judge who will do his darndest to get back to you quickly. The address is

See? Nothing to it. Just remember one thing: if, believing you're destined to become Pointmeister, you neglect to purchase advance tickets, you may find yourself in Wolfgang's predicament - empty-handed. Ticket sales are brisk. So while we applaud Mozartian self-confidence, we would hate to see you miss this extraordinary event.

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