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The perfect place for the perfect piece

We have a new-found appreciation for location scouts. Trying to find the perfect venue in which to perform the C Minor Mass was almost as difficult as singing it!

We needed superior acoustics, room enough to handle a 73-member double chorus plus a 35-piece orchestra and a suitably located pipe organ.

It also had to have sufficient seating, be centrally located, easy to find, provide enough parking space, be available on January 19th AND be affordable to a community-based non-profit choral society.

And if that weren't would really, really great if the architecture itself could approximate the late 18th century.

There are a LOT of places in Westchester that made the grade in some or most of these criteria, but we found only one that made the grade across the board. That place is the historic Presbyterian Church of White Plains.

Located on North Broadway just a few blocks south of Interstate 287 (exit 6), this beautiful place sits on land that was deeded to the congregation all the back in 1714...five years before Leopold Mozart was born. Even though the sanctuary of the current church building was dedicated 100 years after Wolfgang's birth, the architecture harks back to a much earlier time.

We are so looking forward to performing this piece in this place. We hope you'll come and enjoy it with us.

If you haven't yet purchased your tickets, there's no better time than right now using our fast, convenient and secure online order form.

Don't miss out...they're selling fastRun away & join the chorusHow you can helpSpread the word!
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The Hudson Valley Singers ~ a choral society founded in 1951 ~ is based in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY ~ All singers & tax-deductible donations are welcome.
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